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July 12, 2012

Okay. I know this isn’t food-related, but whatever, it’s my blog, and it is at least Disney related.

I used to hate running. Really hate it. I used to cut gym class in high school to get out of running the mile, (which by the way, if you have gym class with your two best friends, and you’re all “absent” on the same day, you will get caught, not the smartest idea.) But in the last couple years I’ve started exercising a lot more, and running has become one of my favorite things. I find it’s a good way to clear my head and relax, at least mentally, physically it’s the opposite of relaxing, but it does give me a lot of energy, and makes me feel good.

Today I signed up for my first 5K. (Which in American speak is 3.1 miles, but I guess 5K just sounds better?) The distance doesn’t bother me at all. When I have the time I’ll run five miles easily, and then I’ll usually only stop because that’s the end of a pretty convenient running route I’ve developed around my apartment, tough right now, with the temp reaching close to 100 degrees each day, I’ve spent more time running indoors then out. So now I’m not only running for fun, but now I’m paying for the privilege.

I’ll be running in the first family (though I’ll be solo,) Happy Haunt 5K this September at Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. There’s a whole weekend of events, with a running expo on Friday, the 5K Saturday morning, a ten-miler night run Saturday evening, and an after party that goes into the wee hours of Sunday morning. I’ll be attending the expo on Friday, (required for all runners for information pick up and stuff,) and the after party.

And not only am I running in this 5K, but unless I have a horrible time, I’m already looking ahead to future runs, including the princess half-marathon which is held every year in February, the Wine and Dine marathon, which is always held during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, and the Walt Disney World marathon in January, which is a 26.2 mile run through all four theme parks. Yeah, that will take a little bit more training then a 5K.


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