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Answering Honest Questions About Myself – 30 Day Vegan Challenge

August 2, 2012

I received my first e-mail from the 30 Day Vegan Challenge today. It’s a welcome one, and not Day 1’s, but it had a link with questions to answer about myself. Since 30 Day Vegan Challenge is a paid subscription, I won’t post the actual questions here, but it did get me thinking about why this is so important to me.

Most importantly I feel better on a vegan diet then I do off. I really don’t like considering being vegan a “diet” since for me it is something I want to do for life, and not just for food, I want to only use animal-free products in my home and for personal care too, though that is slightly more difficult, since I can’t afford to just get rid of a ton of stuff I use on a daily basis that doesn’t go bad. Food was easy to change. I haven’t bought animal-based foods while grocery shopping for a long time, and even when I first went vegetarian, it was easy to clean out my fridge and pantry and give the food away. I feel better knowing no animals suffer from the choices I make, and I also, (and I know this is going to sound corny,) believe God wants me to be a vegan. I can’t explain it, but I decided that is what God wants for me, and I got that feeling after I had already decided to be vegan. I feel better health-wise too. I’m slimming down, and I’ve never had more energy then I do now.

The only thing I’m worried about, and it seems so trivial to me, is eating out. I don’t like being the center of attention, or want special attention, so I’ll have to make my restaurant choices to go along with my eating habits. Luckily I do live in a pretty “veg-friendly” town, and just doing a quick search on Happy Cow showed me many vegan options I didn’t know existed all within a mile of my apartment. Going past the 30 days, I’m a little worried about my trip to Disney next month, which is after the challenge is over, but I’d really like to stick with it, and not start eating animal-based foods again, just because I’m on vacation. The animals don’t get a vacation from their suffering, so I don’t feel like I deserve one for small challenges I face in society.

I’m looking forward to making this a change for life, and I’m praying I have the strength and willpower to allow me to do so.


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